mlbake (v) compose and typeset (technical documents esp. mathematics notes)

A term coined in honour of the mlbaker, local legend for his proclivity and craftsmanship. His own, more illustrous notes page can be found here.

This is a page containing some notes I have typeset. Some of it might not be LaTeXed, and some of it might not be notes, and most of it is unfinished, but whatever. Unless otherwise noted, these notes are my own work, adapted from lecture content.

Copies of these notes may be freely distributed, both physically and electronically, with attribution. Corrections or inquiries may be sent to

  • CO 444 Algebraic Graph Theory — Winter 2015 (WIP; cf. handwritten)
  • CO 446 Matroid Theory — Spring 2015
  • PMATH 348 Fields and Galois Theory — Winter 2016 (WIP, handwritten)
  • CO 471 Semidefinite Optimization — Spring 2016 (WIP)