The J language is an array-oriented, function-level programming language. It is the modern (and thankfully ASCII) successor to Ken Iverson’s APL. It’s very fast and has some interesting functional aspects, which makes it great for prototyping. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

I have had an off-and-on interest in array languages, especially J and its sister language K, since 2012. They tend to look very algebraic and expressive, and I used to investigate that with toy languages and grammars. Nowadays, I use J as a glorified desktop calculator. I am also pretty good at code golf with it.

This page is a small repository of stuff I have written in or about J. Some of the files are explanations of J code or language features. There are also some code golfs in there.

Feel free to drop by #jsoftware on freenode and let me know if you found something here interesting. Or drop me an email.