Hey. The name’s Ilia Chtcherbakov. Some call me ischtche (pronounced itchy). I am a mathematician and this is my math ‘blog. It’s not as good as some of the other ‘blogs out there, but I try my best.

I have a BMath in combinatorics from the University of Waterloo. I am an algebraic combinatorialist in every sense of the term, and I have an intense interest in the theory of matroids. Some of my other interests include enumeration, algebraic graph theory, Galois theory, and in what spare time is left, non-classical logic. I eat my corn in rows, not spirals, ha ha.

I used to be very good at making computers do what I want, but now I mostly use TeX, SageMath, and the J language to do my computing. I don’t use any social media besides Discord, and I don’t hand that out, so you should email me if you want to get in touch.

This website was hastily cobbled together using Jekyll with the default theme, minima. MathJax is responsible for rendering the math. The bespoke comments engine is my own.

“Когда у общества нет цветовой дифференциации штанов, то нет цели!” – Кин-дза-дза!