This ‘blog has a lot of lattices in it.

Some of them are kinda hard to imagine, like countable boolean algebras, where you have to use your brain and count or something. Some of them are really hard to imagine, like the free modular lattice on three generators, which for some strange reason is finite and proving that requires over a half hour of computations.

But none of them are geometric lattices, and I was promised matroids on this ‘blog, goddamnit. How can you call yourself a matroid theorist if you grade your posets but you’ve never even said the word semimodular once in a post?? Where are the 749 notes, huh? Where are you keeping them?

I rate this ‘blog 0 out of 5 stars. Would not recommend.

April fools! You thought this ‘blog was dead, didn’t you? Well, me too. But in the midst of an international crisis—PRIMS is threatening to publish Mochizuki’s purported proof of the conjecture despite the notable expert consensus that it is flawed!1—I know you all need every bit of comfort you can find on this cold remorseless beach of an earth.

I think the ‘blog’s issue was I dreamed too big. I had plans of writing my own comments engine: you may notice below that comments are allegedly disabled, when in reality I am still working on them. I wanted all of my posts to be novel and comprehensive, and retrospectively I think that strangles the spontaneity on which my projects thrive.

  1. Oh, and COVID-19 got Conway. That’s very bad too.